About Hotkey Master

Hotkey Master is a Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP shareware utility that generally accelerates your normal computer workflow. Your work in any Windows application can be greatly accelerated if you smartly use this utility. Besides this, Hotkey Master can also be used to easily access some typical Windows features.

You usually create the hotkey and assign it some system-wide key combination that activates it. You can also set the hotkey timer that activates this hotkey at specified time or even periodically at specified rate. The third option is to show the hotkey name in the tray icon menu, so you can easily access it and activate it. You can even create a shortcut on the desktop that executes the hotkey. There is also an option to execute hotkeys with the remote control.

Each hotkey has one or more commands that are being executed sequentially.

Hotkey Master supports only UIR remote control hardware for now. You can order an excellent product called IR2PC on this page.

Hotkey Master is shareware. Feel free to evaluate it for 30 days. After that period if you want to continue to use it, you must register it. Register fee is only $5. If you register, you are entitled to all the future upgrades free of charge.

Hotkey activators:

  • Press the system-wide key combination (shortcut key)
  • Select the hotkey from the tray icon popup menu
  • Specify a window that automatically executes the hotkey when activated (when it receives the focus)
  • Custom window message sent from other application
  • Set the hotkey timer at specified time, in specified time, using daily timer or periodically at the rate you set
  • Desktop shortcut that executes the hotkey
  • Press a button on the infrared remote control
  • Network activator

Hotkey commands:

  • Keyboard macros that simulate high-speed keyboard typing or any key combination
  • Pasting regular text or passwords
  • Mouse events that simulate mouse movement, mouse buttons and mouse wheel
  • Run applications, documents and URL's
  • Move, resize or set other window properties
  • Send messages to windows
  • Change screen resolution, color depth or refresh rate
  • Control audio mixer (volume levels, mute keys etc.)
  • Connect or disconnect dial-up connections
  • Network command that activates network activator on the remote computer
  • Kill process
  • Stand by, log off, hibernate, restart or shut down the computer
  • Alarm messages
  • Offset timer that executs the hotkey when timer reaches zero
  • Miscellaneous commands like open/close CD tray, play sound, task switcher
  • Hotkey Master's internal commands: Show options dialog, toggle tray icon, toggle hotkeys and hotkey groups
  • Pause executon of the hotkey command until specified window appears or disappears
  • Hotkey master script commands only: File management and Registry access commands

Examples of use:

  • If you often type some exact text, for instance your e-mail address, you can easily make keyboard macro and just press the hotkey (let's say Control+Alt+E) in any application and your e-mail address will appear momentarily.
  • You work in 1024x768 in all Windows programs except some high-end graphics application. Create the hotkey to change the resolution and start this application.
  • If you use some menu option in your favorite application every little while, but this application doesn't support macros, create your keyboard macro that activates this menu item.
  • If you have the sound card that is connected to the hi-fi sound system which is, of course, on the other side of the room and you don't want to use the remote, you can easily assign audio mixer volume controls to the keys of your choice.
  • Listen to your favorite mp3 playlist while going to sleep. Set the hotkey timer to turn off your computer in any number of minutes.
  • Use a remote control to control DVD player's features while watching the movie on the TV. Or control mp3 player or any other application the same way.
  • Assign mouse movement to the keys if you need to control the mouse with a pixel precision in some graphics application.

Version history:

Hotkey Master 2.3

  • Added incoming network connection setup
  • Added activator: Network
  • Added command: Network
  • Added script command: NetworkCommand
  • Added script functions: Time, Replace
  • Added some new predefined Send Message commands
  • Added script expression "{t}" that converts to tab
  • Updated: Keyboard macro - Added extended keys
  • Updated: Keyboard macro editor caret remains visible after using buttons
  • Updated: Audio mixer now supports list mixer control types (Multiplexers)
  • Fixed: Script expression "{n}" now converts to LF, not CRLF

Hotkey Master 2.2

  • Added activator: Window Message
  • Added: Script editor commands list and descriptions
  • Added script function: GetRegistryValue
  • Added script commands: SetRegistryDWORD, SetRegistryString, SetRegistryExString, SetRegistryBinary, SetRegistryMultiString, CopyFile, MoveFile, DeleteFile, CreateDirectory, RemoveDirectory
  • Added: Save activators list to the text file
  • Added: Help index
  • Updated: Target window executable is now identified only by file name, path is ignored (only on Win9x, on Win2k/XP was always like that)
  • Fixed: Crash while importing Send Message command from the "Send Message.hkm" file without defined executable file for this command

Hotkey Master 2.1

  • Added command: Kill process
  • Added: Apply button in the options dialog
  • Added new window messages (screensaver, monitor off - thanks to Selyb)
  • Added "Active Window" option for the "Send Message.hkm" file
  • Added script functions: EnvironmentVariable, WindowsFound
  • Updated: Minimize to tray now also minimizes windows without icons
  • Updated: Script command SendMessage now returns a value

Hotkey Master 2.0

  • Added: Hotkey Master script language
  • Added: Abort hotkey execution (Shift + Pause)
  • Added command: Paste text
  • Added command: Group switcher
  • Added command: Script
  • Fixed: Hotkey Master sometimes crashed while exiting Edit Hotkey dialog

Hotkey Master 1.8

  • Added: "Safe Mode" command line parameter
  • Added: Window command -> Get current position and size
  • Added: Window command -> Dock window
  • Added: Window command -> Minimize window to tray
  • Added: Misc commands -> Open/Close CD tray
  • Fixed: Window detection for groups
  • Fixed: Visible ToolTip window was listed in the task switch window

Hotkey Master 1.7

  • Added: Activators list
  • Added: Copy/Paste commands
  • Added command: Window
  • Updated: Keyboard macro - Added Hold and Release options
  • Updated: Run application - Folders can also be opened now
  • Updated: Misc commands -> Toggle always on top moved to Window command
  • Updated: Misc commands -> Switch to moved to Window command
  • Fixed: Keyboard macro - Modifier keys sometimes remained active
  • Fixed: Run application - BAT and CMD files now show command prompt window
  • Fixed: Offset timer

Hotkey Master 1.6

  • Added activator: Window
  • Added command: Offset timer
  • Added: Windows for hotkey groups
  • Added: Tooltips -> Enable tooltips for specific commands
  • Added: Target window -> Child ID
  • Updated: Misc commands -> Switch to window
  • Updated: Target window -> Empty window titles allowed
  • Fixed: Audio mixer -> Tooltips for linear percents

Hotkey Master 1.5

  • Added: Hotkey groups enable/disable checkbox
  • Added: Remote control -> Repeat
  • Added: Misc commands -> Show tooltip
  • Added: Misc commands -> Hotkey groups
  • Added: Misc commands -> Hotkey Master -> Default tooltips
  • Added: Misc commands -> Hotkey Master -> Alternate tooltips
  • Updated: Tooltips - Added font, colors, more positions and alternate set
  • Updated: Send message - Description text is used for imported commands
  • Updated: Audio mixer - Non-linear percents in tooltip converted to linear
  • Updated: Audio mixer - Description text
  • Updated: Misc commands -> Task switcher - added window timeout time
  • Updated: Commands can be inserted in the list before selected command
  • Fixed: Keyboard macro - Some internal stuff (potential bug)

Hotkey Master 1.4

  • Added: Send message -> Menu item
  • Added: Send message -> Send only if active
  • Added: Pause -> Wait for the window to disappear
  • Updated: Pause - Target window as in the Send message
  • Updated: Pause - Timer pause can be aborted
  • Updated: Target window dialog - Added "Show hidden windows" option
  • Updated: Hotkeys activated with the desktop shortcut now display tooltips
  • Fixed: Pause dialog bug

Hotkey Master 1.3

  • Added activator: Desktop shortcut
  • Added command: Dial-up connections
  • Added command: Mouse event
  • Added command: Misc commands -> Play sound
  • Added: Options -> Execute hotkey
  • Updated: Remote control - Button descriptions are saved for re-use
  • Updated: Send message - "Active window" moved to the Target window dialog
  • Fixed: Keyboard macro bug when activated with the right control or shift
  • Fixed: Send message -> Import commands sometimes didn't load
  • Fixed: Tray menu position to enable double-click for top taskbars

Hotkey Master 1.2

  • Added: Hotkey activators
  • Added: Hotkey groups
  • Added: Infrared remote control (only UIR for now)
  • Added: Send Message command
  • Added: Misc commands -> Task switcher

Hotkey Master 1.1

  • Added: Hotkey tooltips
  • Added: Misc commands -> Switch to window
  • Added: Keyboard macro -> Repeat block
  • Added: Hotkey timer -> Force timer
  • Updated: Audio mixer -> Connect

Hotkey Master 1.0

  • First release